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We offer specialist guided hunting day and multiday trips in differents and best areas.

Argentina, with its different climates and geographies offers many options to the sportsmen who arrive to this land with expectations to do their favorite outdoor activity. From the plains of Buenos Aires province to the mountains of Patagonia country, crossing the scrublands of La Pampa province, our country offers a great variety of native and exotic fauna which became Argentina in one of the most recognized hunting and fishing destinations around the world. Our team of professionals gladly stays at your disposition in order to take care of any request that you are willing to ask about our operation.

Facundo Vincent

Marcelo Araujo

Excellent lodges | Permanent assistance | Hundreds of references

  • ★ Reception in airport and transfer to the hunt area ★
  • ★ Transfers inside the hunt area ★
  • ★ Guide and assistants, bird boys ★
  • ★ Lodging, foods and drinks ★
  • ★ Primary preparation of trophies ★

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Argentina, paradise of hunters!

Hunt Species

★ Big game ★

Red Stag, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Black Buck, Wild Boar, Wild Feral Boar, Water Buffalo, Wild Goat, Multi Horn Ram, Scottish Black Face Ram, Silver Ram, Wild Ram, Patagonia Ram ,Pampas Ram , Doorset Ram , Capybara, Grey Brockett Deer, Peccary.

★ Small game ★

Ducks, Partridges, Doves, Hares.